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AIN Group Pte Ltd (AIN) is comprised of a unique group of companies offering a varied array of services and products to help logistics companies around the world to promote themselves and to do business with one another.

Each of these logistics network companies builds strong foundations for their member partners in order that they may have round the world coverage and growth in their international agency business.

Currently, there are three networks in the AIN group, each covering specific and unique areas of business. These networks are:

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AerOceaNetwork (AON)

AON is the acknowledged leader in networking for the commercial cargo industry, with many of the best independent freight forwarders in the logistics world as members.

AerOceaNetwork (AON) is our oldest network, founded in 2003. Since the very beginning, AON has targeted the best independent freight forwarders in the logistics world. We are very proud of our membership which spans every inhabited continent and every major seaport and airport in the world. AON is the acknowledged leader in networking for the commercial cargo industry.

Commercial cargo is a varied world and it has many players with specialties: airfreight, ocean freight, NVOCC’s, and general forwarders. AON is where you can find such partners in the independent forwarding world because we have them all as Members, everywhere, in all of the major markets in the world. So, no matter what your particular commercial cargo niche is, we will have partners for you within AON, with whom you can build solid, long-term, profitable relationships.

XLProjects (XLP)

Many of the best known project logistics companies in the world have joined the XLProjects Network since its inception in October 2012. All of our XLP Member Partners are uniquely qualified in heavy lift handling and transportation, whether by ocean, air or overland.

They are professionals, multi-skilled in e.g.:

  • Breakbulk chartering

  • Specialty handling

  • Stevedoring, and

  • Boat and yacht transfer

XLP Partners are everywhere, on every continent, in virtually every major and minor port. They are all not only well known and respected in their home markets. They have also been involved in some of the highest profile project lifts and movements all over the world.Only the best companies with verifiable project cargo experience may join XLP. XLP Management check all applicants carefully, assessing operational capabilities and project know how.

Member Partners enjoy the many benefits of doing profitable business with one another, helping each other to help fill their projects sales pipelines with cargo. XLP expects Members in their first year of membership to give at least 50% of their new projects business to other XLP Members.

In short, precisely the kind of people and companies you would look for and want to be associated with in a project logistics enterprise-networking group!

There are Members for every project industry, e.g.:

  • Oil and gas

  • Heavy industry

  • Military, and

  • Energy

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AiO LOGO 1.png

AiO Logistics Network (AiO)

The All in One (AiO) Network is unique in the world of logistics networking. We give you depth and breadth in logistics around the world. And we give you the reason to stop looking for that one group that takes care of all your many clients’ logistics needs. The world of independent freight forwarding is made up of many diverse players. Some have only one specialty and others are proficient in more than one type of cargo.

We have
many separate divisions that allow you to focus on your cargo to the best suited partners. The networks are branded as follows:


  • Commercia Cargo

  • Projects Cargo

  • Perishables Cargo

  • Removals Cargo

  • Exhibitions Cargo

Each network member is thoroughly screened prior to acceptance and upon acceptance we make sure that all members are protected financially. Then you go to work with the other partner members. Your business grows, the network grows. But more than that your demanding customers will be more than satisfied with your coverage. If you are looking for a non-exclusive independent logistics network that allows you to professionally handle many specialized cargo, never having to leaving one group, then look no further. We are your new home.

Mega Move Alliance (MMA)

Mega Move Alliance stands apart in the realm of logistics networking. Renowned project logistics companies worldwide are flocking to join our network, capitalizing on mutually beneficial business opportunities.


At the helm of Mega Move Alliance is a versatile, global team of professionals headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of international projects agency businesses for project logistics companies.


With an innate understanding of the requirements of project forwarders and charterers, our management team brings extensive experience and expertise to the table. Having operated in both the project logistics sector and network management, they offer comprehensive insights and capabilities.

Mega Move Alliance offers unparalleled depth and breadth in global project logistics. Our all-in-one destination caters to all your diverse clients’ logistics requirements, ensuring seamless and efficient solutions.

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