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BravoTran is a leading enterprise AI (artificial intelligence) software provider for automating back-office processes for freight forwarders.
BravoTran sparked a revolution by replacing legacy, labour-intensive systems with solutions that automate the management of all documents, of any type or format, for shipments, invoicing, billing, Customs, with 99+% accuracy.
Integrated with your existing freight forwarding platform, BravoTran incorporates leading-edge OCR (optical character recognition) and AI technologies to provide “lights out” processing, enabling a tenfold increase in productivity, lower operation costs, and increased customer service.
Contact us today to learn more about how BravoTran can add value to your logistics business.
Below is a link to an article in American Shipper, including quotes from Yusen Logistics.
Below is a link to a more recent article in American Shipper, discussing BravoTran and its leadership team.
We are excited to launch with you at AIN Group!
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